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Political Stunner: Donald Trump NOT Running For President!

I hope you can all see the sarcasm dripping from my keyboard as I typed the headline for this post. It boggles the mind that the mainstream media and many political pundits who at one time were actually respected in … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Public Flogging at the Correspondent’s Dinner

Another White House Correspondent’s Dinner has come and gone, but this year’s was truly priceless! Watch the whole video below, if you think (like I do) that the constant non-stop coverage of Donald Trump and his lunatic ramblings has caused … Continue reading

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Fox News’ Post-Racial Train Wreck

By Patricia Wilson-Smith I have a stunning confession to make. Prior to my activities as an Obama supporter and volunteer, I was a closet Fox News fan. My affinity for Fox News began a few years back, when CNN was … Continue reading

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