Patricia Wilson-Smith, Atlanta Georgia

pat_photo_magazine.jpgPatricia Wilson-Smith is the Founder of Black Women for Obama, an author, an Internet Consultant, a college Instructor and freelance writer. She makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia with her 14-year old son, David.

“Call it a mid-life crisis. Call it too much technology at my disposal. Call it what you want, but I’ve decided that this election year, I don’t want to sit by the sidelines glued to CNN or Fox News waiting to see who gets elected. This election year, I’d like to try and make a difference. I decided on, because I really feel strongly that we don’t need another Clinton in office, nor do we need any of the other Washington-insider, politically opportunistic, power-hungry, divisive partisans that make up the current field of candidates from both parties. We need change – the kind of change that I personally believe a Barack Obama presidency can deliver.

Julie Borders, Atlanta Georgia

Julie Borders, ContributorJulie A. Borders is a REALTOR, business consultant and social activist. After more than 15 years of work experience in corporate America at companies like IBM, HBO, A.T. Kearney & Prudential Real Estate, Julie is leveraging the skills garnered there to do good AND do well. She has worked on launching dot.coms, political careers as well as Atlanta’s WNBA franchise.As she experiences her 2nd adolescence, she is actively pursuing her passions for writing, relationships and world peace through political activism and economic empowerment.

“The quote from my email signature perfectly articulates my ideal way of being – A Zen poet once said: A person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between their work and their play, their labor and their leisure, their mind and their body, their education and their recreation, their love and their religion. They hardly know which is which and simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace, whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing. To them they are always doing both.”

Steffini Bethea, Atlanta Georgia

Steffini Bethea of Fit In The SpiritSteffini Bethea has a bachelor’s degree in biology from University of Houston and is currently a fitness professional with over 2 decades of experience.  She has owned and operated several ladies only fitness facilities and is a certified fitness instructor and wellness coach. In addition, she was a fitness consultant for “Heart and Soul’ magazine. Steffini is the creator and developer of “The Running Companion”, an interval fitness CD specifically for treadmill workouts.  She is also the creator and developer of “Fit In The Spirit”, the LAST weight management program you will ever need. Steffini speaks at local churches and women’s groups on fitness and wellness concerns.

“Having spent 20 years as a wellness professional, I have come to notice some alarming disparities between my own African American sisters’ health concerns and that of Caucasian women. Knowing that Senator Obama not only shares in our desire to close this gap, but has a plan, gives us hope for ‘08. BWFO offers us the perfect forum to share our concerns and support Senator Obama’s road to the White House.”

Kim Bettie, Detroit Michigan

Kim BettieKim Bettie is a life coach and partner with The Greater Advantage, a marketing and performance coaching firm in Michigan. For the past 20 years she has been in the business of encouraging others.  She has helped hundreds of people overcome the barriers to reaching their dreams. Kim has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Michigan State University, and is completing a Master’s degree in Christian counseling.

“As a life coach, I know first hand that people, black women in particular, are losing hope.  Yet, a renewed sense of hope lights up their face, when they talk about Senator Barack Obama in the White House.  It is time for a change!  I believe that BWFO is a catalyst.  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Khesha Duncan, Columbia, Missouri 

Khesha DuncanKhesha Duncan is a political and community organizer, and was selected as a “Class of 2004 National Urban Fellow”. Khesha worked in state government for the Missouri Division of Labor Standards, as the Child Labor/Safety & Health Coordinator and received the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relation’s Employee of the Month Award in December of 2000.

“As one who as been on the political forefront for my entire career, I know more than anyone how important this election is, especially for black women. There are many issues relevent to our communities that go unheard; many of our young and disenfranchised have the power of the ballot at their disposal, but choose not to use it. Understanding the important issues that frame the debates this election year is important, and I believe that will be an important vehicle for getting the word out to those who need to hear it.”

Yvonne Robinson, Lexington South Carolina

Yvonne Robinson, Black Women for ObamaYvonne Robinson is a business woman and political activist. She has been active in assisting with fund raisers and registering voters for several years, working with former Councilwoman Una Clark and actively registering voters during Jesse Jackson’s bid for the White House.

“As a Jamaican-born African American woman who earned my citizenship the right way, I am especially interested in making sure that black women in this country use their precious right to vote! Groucho Marx once said that only one man in a thousand is a leader of men – the other 999 follow women. Here’s hoping many will follow BWFO and Senator Barack Obama straight to the White House!”

Talibah Modupe, Atlanta Georgia

Talibah ModupeTalibah Modupe hails from Dallas, Texas and has lived in various cities throughout Georgia since 1996.  She enjoys spending most of her time with her daughter and grandson as well as international travel and politics.  She considers writing horror stories fun.

“I participate yearly through Habitat for Humanities in building homes for low-income families.  I also regularly participate in planting trees and flowers, painted boys and girls restrooms all over the city through Hands on Atlanta.  I’ve worked with the “I Have A Dream Foundation” and am going into my third year as a mentor with “Everybody Wins” (Power Lunch Reading Program) at Cook Elementary. Not only am I generous with my time, I try to be with my money as well.”

Talibah majored in Political Science and Philosophy at North Texas State University (Denton, Texas).  She currently works as a department manager at a major law firm in Atlanta.

Brenda Johnson, Atlanta Georgia

Brenda K. JohnsonBrenda Johnson is a professional civil engineer working at an Atlanta-based black and woman-owned consulting firm.  She graduated from Purdue University with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Political Science. 

“Although I have voted in every national election since the age of 18, this is the first election that compelled me to actively campaign.  Barack Obama is the first candidate for President that caused me to understand my single voice is powerful.  I feel that 2008 represents possibly our last opportunity for the American people to rescue their government and restore honor and dignity to the Office of President.  After hearing Barack Obama speak, I have never doubted that he is the agent of change with the vision and ability to unite America and change the world!”


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    Does your race and income matter if you face the death penalty?

    It is no secret that the country’s criminal justice system has consistently proven to be biased against minority communities of color. Seasoned Texas attorney David R. Dow’s s new book The Autobiography of an Execution works to strengthen the argument that the broken criminal justice system operates on a vicious cycle based on racial and economic disparity.

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