Republicans Let New York's 26th Go – Over Medicare?

New York's 26th House District Race

New York's 26th House District Race

Update: 10:02pm EST – MSNBC has just called the race for Kathy Hochul, the Democrat in the race. Booyah!

Deeply Republican district – the 26th in New York, going down in flames for Repulicans because of Paul Ryan’s “Kill Medicare” bill. Yikes.

As of this writing, with 5% of precincts reporting, Democrat Kathy Hocul is in the lead with 48% of the vote, Jane Corwin is trailing with 43% of the vote, and dark horse Jack Davis is bringing up the rear as expected with 8% of the vote.

A little background. This is the congressional district vacated earlier this year by Republican and very married Representative Christopher Lee, who gave up his seat right after he gave up his shirt on Craig’s List trying to pick up…somebody. The thing is, unlike almost all of the rest of New York, this little district has voted consistently Republican in every race in recent history. Apparently, until tonight.

Tonight, voters in that district are voicing their deep dissapointment over the Republican candidates endorsement of the Ryan Medicare blaster bill. Hochul, the Democratic candidate held firm to her opposition of the bill, and made it a centerpiece of her campaign. Corwin, the Republican, hitched her wagon to the Ryan bill, that is until the polls started to mock her, and she tried to back off of her position. Too late, though, it looks like.

Alas and alack – I have to call it a night before we get the final results, but even if Ms. Corwin somehow manages to pull this one off (which looks truly doubtful at this point), Republicans all over the country HAVE to be re-thinking this whole “Medicare as sacrificial deficit lamb” stuff. If indeed Ms. Hochul takes this district tonight, it’s going to be endlessly entertaining tomorrow watching how the Conservative spin machine squirms out of this. Stay tuned.

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Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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