Against All Odds – Denver, Here I Come!

DNC Convention '08

DNC Convention '08

By Patricia Wilson-Smith

Amazing. About this time a little over a year and a half ago I was seated at this very computer, typing away at maybe my third or fourth blog post for Black Women for Obama. Since then of course, I’ve written dozens.

Back then, BWFO was just…a concept. An idea that I had that America needed to understand that there was a segment of the black community, in particular black women, who were squarely in Senator Obama’s corner. At the time, I wasn’t aware of any specific black women who were Obama supporters other than myself, but I was certain they were out there.

See, I had just finished reading ‘The Audacity of Hope’, and I was a changed person. After reading Senator Obama’s brilliant narrative on America, our politics, and our place in the world, I knew that as an intelligent, engaged writer, mother, and educator, I had to get involved in helping to bring about the vision that Senator Obama outlined in his book. I believed it then, and I still believe it now.

A lot has happened since then. Since then, my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and undergone a radical double mastectomy. Since then, I’ve been laid off from a job that I loved, and found another one that I am blessed to have and equally fond of. Since then, I’ve been married, the economy has taken a violent down-turn, my son has started middle school, I’ve been elected a delegate from my district here in Georgia, and on and on and on. So many changes, some good and some bad. And through it all, my belief in Senator Obama, and my committment to his eventual Presidency has never waivered, not once.

Not that my involvement has been non-stop. Like many of you (I’m sure), there have been times when I simply could not find the time to do my Obama duty. At times, I simply couldn’t find the energy, and at times I even had trouble mustering the will. But it was never because my faith in Senator Obama and his vision for our nation’s future faltered; oh no. It was always because life, as it so often does, had thrown me some curve ball that caused me to have to temporarily take my eye off of the prize. But like a soldier wounded in combat, I am anxious to once again don my battle fatigues and re-join my battalion, and Denver is my opportunity to do so in grand fashion.

Ironically, my effort to raise the funds necessary to get to Denver turned out to be one of the most challenging obstacles of all. For weeks and weeks now, I have been singularly focused on finding a way to make it to Denver so that I can proudly cast my vote as an Obama delegate. And though nothing but death would have kept me from it, it was an uphill battle that I am not that anxious to repeat, even though I know it will be well worth it.

And so I’m poised now to board a plane to join the other delegates from Georgia’s 7th Congressional District and the rest of the Georgia delegation in Denver to do my part to formalize Senator Obama’s nomination, and the feeling is phenomenal. Against every obstacle that could possibly have been thrown at me, including a myriad of personal issues, several large boulder-sized financial road blocks, and what could only be described as a deep mental fatigue, I am preparing to head to Denver to do my part. Cast my vote. Wave my signs and wear any funny hats that come my way. And as I think about the experiences I have to look forward to next week, I realize that for the first time in my life, I know what a real privilege it is to be a part of the political process. To go beyond just showing up to vote in the general election to getting really and truly engaged from the start, and seeing it through to the end.

Bottom line is, we did it. Months and months of writing, and discussing, and meeting, and strategizing, and debating, and traveling, and phone calling, and bumper stickering, and walking door-to-door have finally paid off, and we are just a few short days away from watching what so many thought was an impossibility. For me, it has been so completely gratifying that it defies description. Knowing from where Senator Obama came at the beginning of this process, knowing that he is about to take his permanent place in history is exciting, and truly amazing. Please know that as I take my place with my delegation, and cast my official vote to nominate Senator Obama for President, I will be thinking of and representing all of you, the strong and faithful Obama supporters from all over the country who could not be dissuaded and would not be denied. Congratulations goes out to all of you – I think it’s safe to speak for Senator Obama to say that he could not have done it without you. Without us.

So Denver, here I come. Ready to help put the cherry on top of what has been an illuminating election season. And once the convention’s over, it will be time for me and all of you to find that last rush of adrenaline, that final burst of energy that we’re going to need to drive it home for Senator Obama in November. Nothing else but complete victory will do. Let’s get this thing done in Denver, then close the chapter on the Bush policy years for once and for all.

Denver or Bust!

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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