On The Eve of New Hampshire

newhampshire.jpgAs elated and as hopeful as I am right now, it would be easy for me to wax poetic about what awaits us tomorrow – what seems to be a certain victory by the man many of us have worked so hard to spread the word about. But I’m not going to – I’m going to let some of the Americans who have been similarly inspired by Senator Obama’s message of hope do the talking tonight.

The following quotes are being brought to you courtesy of CNN’s blogs:


I am a 62-year-old white Republican in Virginia. I have voted only once for a Democrat for President in the past 36 years. Not only would I vote for Barack Obama in November if he is on the ballot, I will for the first time in my life vote in the Democratic primary, so that I can help put him on that ballot. And I’m not that unusual in my peer group. I know for a fact that other Republicans will support him in the primary — and it is because they want to see him as President. And that thing about his middle name being “Hussain” — well, that’s a real plus internationally, where we aren’t doing so well lately. Talk about throwing the world a curve ball! Barack Obama is the Tiger Woods of politics. And by the way, white America didn’t see Colin Powell as being black either — just an American. Things have sure changed a lot in the last four decades, and I’ve seen them happen and I will being seeing more history being made in November.


Here on the eve of the NH primary, I’ve just come home from seeing Barack Obama in Rochester NH and I must testify that in my experience with politics I’ve never felt anything like what I witnessed tonight. What an inspirational guy to have so transformed the packed quarters of the Rochester Opera House into one united body. And it’s not simply about oratorial talent–it’s him, and his authenticity beams through. I’m convinced there’s no stopping Barack Obama. I’m sorry for the Democratic candidates who’ll lose in tomorrow’s primary, because they’re all also such good people. But in the end, this all isn’t about winners and losers–it’s about America winning, and about hope; and this wonderful, hopeful man inspires hope, and makes this American feel my country may yet again be something Americans and non-Americans alike can be proud of.


Some of you sound pretty angry but the numbers speak for themselves: Obama has run a positive campaign and people have reacted to it. You can either stamp your feet and use the same Old School Political Attack Cliches or you can wake up to the fact that Americans are tired of being told everything is impossible and that only “experienced” politicians know what’s best for them.


I am a 26 year old minister who lives in a VERY conservative area. I was raised as a ultra conservative right-wing fundamentalist Republican/evangelical. I have always voted nearly straight line Republican but I can say with certainty I will be voting for Barack Obama in our Texas primary as well as in the general election after he wins the Democratic nomination. I believe in his message that together we can dramatically change our country for the better. I have never donated money to a politician but I have already donated several times to the Obama campaign. He has what it takes to unify our nation and bring about the change in direction we desperately need.

Patricia: (not me)

Call me a liar if you will. I know Barack Obama from his days in the Statehouse in Springfield, IL. He is the real deal. I never had any doubt that he would win in Iowa; in fact, I bet good money on it. This is more than a movement. It is a revolution against “politics as usual”. By the way, I am a 64 year old caucasian woman.

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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