Obama Supporters – Re-Energize!

Obama Supporters Re-Energize!By Brenda K. Johnson

As we work diligently to fulfill the responsibilities of our daily lives, we must remain committed to ensuring Barack Obama is the next President of the United States. We must visualize the image of him standing at the Capitol taking his oath of office. Utilize this image to remind yourself of the importance of your single voice. Retrieve this image when your campaigning is beginning to affect your normal routine.
Or maybe…You already know your second pick for President. 

Perhaps you heard media reports that somehow, in less than a month, Hillary has doubled her lead over Obama.  Even though you remind yourself this is the same media who took the liberty of calling the 2004 Presidential Election before Florida voting was complete, you figure those polls MUST be accurate.
Or maybe you saw that Hillary’s 3rd quarter fundraising surpassed Obama’s. Perhaps you choose to ignore the fact that Obama supporters represent the average American citizen, and Hillary’s represent big money interests – the same big money interests that have become the fourth branch of government in Washington.  Perhaps you choose to ignore that the Obama campaign has received a higher number of individual small amount repeated donations, signifying that the poorest and least powerful Americans find a voice in him.
Maybe – you can see yourself supporting Hillary Clinton for President. Maybe you can get past the fact that her loyalty is to winning, and not to the American people. That the consequences of her winning often come with negative consequences to the poor and powerless.  Perhaps you can accept that she voted for a war that has exceeded $458 Billion; a war that the world asked us not to fight until there was evidence of weapons of mass destruction; a war that was ill-conceived and consistently mismanaged.  With Washington paralyzed by inaction due to politics as usual, does Hillary have the ability to unify Congress to pass any legislation at all?  Or will her Presidency be a continuance of exactly what we have now, but with a different color uniform at the helm?  Is it possible that Hillary’s big money donors might come knocking at her door once she is in the Oval office?? Maybe you can get past these issues and support Hillary Clinton. I cannot.
Maybe – you can see yourself supporting John Edwards for President. Maybe you are a person who supports Obama because of his skin color – and at the same time you believe American is not ready for a black or female President.  Maybe you can forget those before us who committed their lives to fight for suffrage and civil rights. Maybe you forget that whites and blacks, males and females all died in support of a person being judged by their character and ability instead of their skin color or gender. So it becomes easy for you to see yourself supporting Edwards.  Well, I cannot. Not only does John Edwards’ inability to raise money speak volumes about his lack of grassroots support, but he now has decided his campaign will accept public money – a belief he rejected just months ago. I recognize the risk of a grossly underfunded Democratic Presidential campaign, and I am not willing to sign over another 4 years to a Republican President because we all concur that the white man has the best chance of success.
If you have your second pick for President already – then stop reading this.

But, if you are like me, and you know that Barack Obama is the only candidate for President of the United States in either party who can achieve the vision for America that we believe in, then RE-ENERGIZE yourself!  Know that your single voice, is more powerful that any backdoor lobbyist with millions to contribute. Know that the Obama supporters will grow exponentially, one person at a time talking to one person at a time. Know that Obama expects US to be the agents of change because he cannot do it alone. 

We need YOU! The country needs YOU! The world needs YOU!

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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5 Responses to Obama Supporters – Re-Energize!

  1. rawtalk says:

    I like your blog…please visit me @ rawtalk.wordpress.com sometime.
    take care.

  2. Robert Earl Lewis says:

    Brenda you are so right-on! Your message should be duplicated and circulated! Maybe it would cause some people to think about what it is all about. Maybe it will get some people to look at some of “our leaders” and see them for who they really are… panders for self-aggrandizement and not the voice of the people they (are supposed to) serve! Maybe it will get some people to remeber who we are and from where we have come and yes, even remember part of the journey. Maybe it will get some people to understand that when we were fighting for our rights , we were fighting for the rights of all people to enjoy justice in the persuit of happiness. Maybe it will get some people to understand that we have an opportunity, in our midst, to support a man who would dare stand against corruption in high places while standing for the benefit of all people. Barack Will Be Our Voice In The White House! A Voice That Will Be Heard And Respected Around The World!! Sadly, we must remember that some of us fought beside the “masta” for slavery during the civil war! Let’s even remember that after Moses had brought the israelites out of Egypt, some continued to oppose him stating that they had it better when they eating the crumbs off the masta’s table! Those types are raising their heads again. Looking back! Refusing to go forth! Trying to recapture a myth! Quicksilver! something that really wasn’t there for us back then and definitely not there for us now.. I hope some people will read your article and understand that they have been duooed and Barack Obama IS the ONLY choice for President of these United States of America. The Time is Here! The Time is Now!

  3. Robert Earl Lewis says:

    Oops! Next to the last sentence the word should be dupped, not duooed!

  4. goldenae says:

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