A Compelling Case for Obama

The Case for Obama

By Patricia Wilson-Smith 

I’m breathless as I write this. Today, I was sent the link to an article that is absolutely amazing in how it describes why Senator Obama is what America needs now:

It was written by a gentleman named Andrew Sullivan for the Atlantic Monthly, and forwarded to me by a woman who claims that it convinced her that Senator Obama is the only choice for President:


The author eloquently (and at times, verbosely) describes the nuances of our current political climate, and how and why who both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are makes such a difference in how each will govern if elected.

His angle is rooted in the politics of the Baby Boomer generation – Vietnam, Nixon, and the resulting political factions that grew out of the conflict and upheaval of that time. He paints this vivid picture, and then describes how Senator Obama transcends it all by virtue of his ethnicity, upbringing and age. And he’s right on target.

This article gave me goose bumps. It laid out so much of what I struggle to communicate to others on a daily basis.  I’ve said that this is no longer Hillary Clinton’s time; the author of this article says that Hillary is a product of the divisiveness born out of an era that we must turn away from. I’ve said that Senator Obama is the only candidate with an innate ability to govern all Americans; this author describes how his unique background, his struggle with identity is the one thing that Americans have in common.

I say that he is the only hope for repairing our reputation around the world, and this author spells out in crystal clear terms that Senator Obama, his face, his name, his ability to build concensus, is what we must have if we are to turn the page on the dangerous situation that the Bush Administration has left us in and why. He describes Senator Obama as a political ‘saviour’ of sorts, whose time is now not just because of what he’s done as a legislator and in his life before public office, but because of what we face as a nation, and how we’ve come to be regarded around the world. So powerful.

I urge you to read every word of this article. Get out your dictionary though, because the author is extremely precise in the words he chooses, and they’re quite often un-pronounceable and unrecognizable. But if you don’t finish this article with a cemented perspective on what we’re doing and why, then you’re a block of wood. And if you don’t see the need to spread this article to every woman and man you know of voting age to give them the opportunity to understand “from a distance” why we need Senator Obama (see the article for more info on this reference), then you’re doing them an injustice.

Even if you don’t have time to read this article now – send it to everyone you know. Use it to create a campaign of awareness. And then let’s re-ignite the fires under ourselves and bring about the transformation this author talks about.

Personally, I cannot imagine how any Democrat in this nation could read this article and not immediately begin fervently campaigning for the Senator. Andrew Sullivan has done something incredible here. In four pages of printed text, he has made a compelling, and nearly irrefutable argument for electing Senator Obama the next President of the United States.

Please – forward this article. Spread the word.

About patwilsonsmith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is an author, an Internet Consultant, a college Instructor and freelance writer. She makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia with her 10-year old son, David.
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  1. Miranda says:

    I’m sending that article out now!

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