Been There, Done That

Barack Obama - Front Runner

By Patricia Wilson-Smith 

Never truer words have been spoken. And yet, they were uttered tonight by one Ann Coulter, right-winged author, conservative talk show maven, spewer of untruths, and hater of the progressive movement and everything that Democrats stand for. She used the phrase “been there, done that” to describe how we Democrats are beginning to feel about another Clinton Presidency.

Amazingly, while filling in for Bill O’Reilly on tonight’s “Factor” on Fox News Channel, Ann Coulter used that phrase while asking a question that so completely encompassed my feelings about Senator Obama’s appeal, and Hillary Clinton’s lack of appeal, that it what as if she’d been reading my blog. Hmmm…..

Ms. Coulter and many others in America are reeling over the news that Senator Obama has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in Iowa in what is a sure sign of gained ground on the part of the Obama candidacy, even though the poll numbers point to a statistical dead heat. The November 14 – 18 poll of likely Democratic voters in Iowa showed that 30% now support Senator Obama,  while 26% support Clinton. John Edwards pulls up the three-man race rear with 22%.

None of us at BWFO are surprised of course – there are people like us all over this nation, of all races, ages and socio-economic backgrounds spreading the word about the man who will be our next president, tirelessly canvassing, meeting in homes, and openly discussing why we need Senator Obama to get the fresh start that this nation is so in need of. No we’re not surprised, but it was a hoot hearing Ann Coulter rant about it.

So what did Ms. Coulter say, you ask? Well, in seeking to understand the turn in poll numbers in favor of our favorite Senator, she asked one of her panelists (Lanny Davis, a Hillary supporter) whether or not Democrats:

  • Feel like they’ve “been there, done that” with the Clintons
  • Want nothing more to do with the scandals and back-biting of the past that we’ve experienced during the Clinton Administration
  • Are done with not only the Clintons, but also the Bushes and want a fresh face
  • Just plain trust Senator Obama more (which polls all over the nation seem to indicate)

…and so on, and so on, to which I of course blurted out a resounding “YES!” at my television (clear throat).

I think that my perspective is less than unique; I truly believe that Hillary Clinton could be a decent President, if it weren’t for all the political baggage she would bring to office. Amazingly, she and the Clinton-machine have been able to spin all of she and Bill’s political baggage into perceived “experience” and “effectiveness” in her role as First Lady, and that’s all hunky-dory, but for me – it is about so much more than just, does she know how to lead. It’s about would she make the best leader.

And of course, I feel the answer to that question is no. Actually, HELL to-the no.  I was of this opinion even before I witnessed several of her debate performances, but now – I’m even more sure of it. Her super-rehearsed, sometimes snide, sometimes vague responses to debate questions make her look calculating and sneaky, and that my friends, is what the American people are beginning to see. Through debate performance after debate performance, she has become more and more cynical, preachy, and arrogant, and all that equals mis-trust to people like me, and the rest of America’s voters.

The people who support Senator Obama on the other hand, I like to believe, have taken the time to get to know the man, and believe in his vision. I know I did and do, which is why I’ve become so deeply involved in his campaign. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt once I got to know the man behind the candidacy, that he was exactly what America needs.

Feel me – Bill Clinton was what we needed in 1992. Barack Obama is what we need in 2008.

Some among Senator Obama’s supporters say that they’d like to see a Obama-Hillary ticket. They believe that Hillary Clinton has earned the right to be a Vice President at least, and that if she can prove herself as a resourceful leader, capable of taking direction from a man of vision, and able to put behind her the scandals and mis-steps of the past, that she probably even deserves a crack at the Presidency one day.  My stance on this is well documented, but what I will say is that no matter what she might deserve some day, this is not that day! Right now, the country needs a new leader who can bring a fresh perspective to the issues that are plaguing us, and who will be respected and admired as he works to repair our reputation around the world.

So yes, Ms. Coulter, for once you got it right. Been there, done that, gave away the t-shirt on the Clintons. And yes, this is a pivotal day for Obama supporters, a day worthy of celebration, but also a day during which we should remind ourselves that poll numbers mean nothing when we’re down in the race, and they mean about the same when we’re up. There is much more work to do, and six weeks left during which fortunes could change if we let our collective guard down, and so rather than see today’s events as a sign that we can slow our political roll, we must keep working to build on the momentum and keep doing the work that got Senator Obama where he is today in this election.

For Black Women for Obama, that means a special focus over the next several weeks on South Carolina. As Tori Scarborough, the South Carolina coordinator for “Women for Obama” shared with me just this week – we must do well in the early states, of which (of course) South Carolina is one. Our fight in Georgia is coming, but right now we’re needed in the S.C., so if you are interested in how you can lend a hand and become part of history, please contact Black Women for Obama at 678-768-8527, or by email at for more information.

So cool to be part of a winning team – join us, won’t you?

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