Obama Video of the Day – 11/2/2007

Hello, BWFO-ers!

Today’s video of the day comes from none other than ABC News by way of (you guessed it) YouTube!

 This week, our favorite Senator was the subject of “World News Tonight’s” special feature on the presidential candidates called “Who Is”. By now, Senator Obama’s story is old news to us, but “Who Is” takes a candid look at the background and personal lives of the candidates, with the goal of showing voters another side of them:

There is nothing new here for those of us who appreciate the suave manner with which Senator Obama can put you at ease, the deep intelligence that shows in every speech, statement, or appearance he makes; no, nothing new here at all. But I personally was deeply touched by one thing.

Charlie Gibson works overtime to quizz Senator Obama about his ‘exotic’ heritage, and his bi-racial lineage in this clip, even going so far as to ask the Senator ‘where he belongs’. Senator Obama’s answer was inspired – he said that he belongs to both worlds, and that his uniqueness is part of what makes him feel so American. Beautiful.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all appreciate the uniqueness in each other and in ourselves, and embrace the diversity in our great nation as just part of who we are, instead of something to be feared? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could work together, in a truly color-blind fashion to attack the problems we face as a society, unfeddered by the scourge of racism and separation? And wouldn’t it be amazing to be led by a man that by his very nature, background, and committment to people of all kinds, just oozes hope for a brighter, more unified future?

Tonight, the Georgia office of Obama for America formally opened its doors. I dragged myself to the opening because I wanted to be supportive, but I was only there 10 seconds before I realized the rejuvenating effect that attending an event like this one has on me. Standing in that room tonight, shoulder to shoulder with people of all ages, all races, all socio-economic backgrounds, knowing that they are all united for a common purpose, gives me hope, makes me smile, and makes me want to work even harder for the Senator.

The people gathered in that office tonight all believe deeply in the Senator’s message, and they know that leading a country takes more than time spent in the White House fighting scandals, or tons and tons of money, or even experience with handling catastrophic attacks on our soil. They know that it takes the ability to unite, a deeper understanding of our nation and the world, and profoundly good judgement to lead this nation, and Senator Barack Obama has all three.

So maybe Charlie did us all a favor by so starkly highlighting Senator Obama’s heritage, even though we know that no other candidate has to deal with such unnecessary personal scrutiny, at least as it relates to their genetic makeup. Senator Obama is American – and a black man, born of a white mother, raised in foreign lands, educated in the most prestigious school in the land, and soldier of the streets. He is an every-man, and a scholar, a public servant and a visionary, and he will be, the next President of the United States.

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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2 Responses to Obama Video of the Day – 11/2/2007

  1. Andrea Taylor says:

    I am a Black woman for Obama!

    Yay! Go Obama!

    Thank you for this site. I found out about this site from your wonderful You-Tube Video.

    I will be checking back here often!


    Obama ’08

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