Commas for Obama – “We Pause for Thought”


If you’ve read any of the past “Commas for Obama” posts, you know that the goal here is to seek out opportunities for dialog for the political edification and reading pleasure of BWFO readers.

And so today, in a new installment of “Commas for Obama: We Pause for Thought”, we present a response to a previous blog entry entitled “Democracy to Aristocracy: Not in My America”. Written by your truly, of course.

If you’re a regular reader, you recall that this article points out the back to back “Bush-Clinton-Bush” presidencies, and discusses the possibility of (cringe) another Clinton in the White House in the context of a new-age aristocracy.

Well – the response to the post was incredible! I received death threats, anonymous, ominous calls to my home in the middle of the night, my tires were slashed, my house was painted with grafitti – okay not really. I did receive several really heated responses to my asssertion that Americans have collectively rolled over and allowed two families to occupy the highest office in the land for nearly a quarter of a century, though. My favorite is the subject of this edition of CFO, and comes from a woman who identifies herself only as GeorgiaCEOToday. 

My responses to this reader’s remarks are shown below in bold. To read the original post click here. 

 ————– Original message from GeorgiaCEOToday: ————–

Dear Black Women for Obama:

Patricia, I disagree with you!

There were 65 pages of legal notices from foreclosures last weekend in the AJC.  Today, we are on the verge of a recession as jobs are outsourced to India, Russia, China or other places that don’t respect the same human rights, employment, or product quality standards as we do. The dollar is weak.  Greenspan suggests that capital be moved out of industrial jobs (GM) and into cutting edge technology which is a hard hit for America’s autoworkers. Instead of feeling sorry for children in Cambodia, you may one day watch as Korea takes pity on our ability to feed American children.

With that, I begin my vehement and angry criticism of your blog Not in My America.

While the Hillary supporters, and certainly the Bush supporters sure can be vicious at times, your candidate, Barack Obama seemed a breath of fresh air in Washington’s politics as usual. 

Why then should Barack Obama supporters like you, stoop to the level of demonstrating the same meanness and triviality that Karl Rove is famous for?  If that is what you are doing, I can’t be a part of it.

[PAS] Your illustration of the issues that plague our nation is eloquent and thorough, and completely on the mark. Meanness and triviality, though? Comparing me to Karl Rove? That says to me that you completely missed the point of my blog entry.

Was it Rove who came up with the idea that Dukakis was single handedly responsible for releasing hundreds of Black rapists and murderers into the streets of Massachusett’s? Of  course it was terrible, but also genius in its ability to play to the fears of millions of white voters by equating Dukakis with Black prisoners

So now, Patricia, is it you who will play to the fears of black women by equating Hillary with Marie Antoinette, when you state that she is playing “dress up” with the leader of the Republican Party….the same party that attempted to impeach her husband? 

[PAS] Rapists and murderers? That’s a pretty dramatic thing to pull out of your hat. The reference to Hillary and George playing dressup is directly related to the point of the article, and nothing more. To assert that I meant it in any other way is quite frankly ludicrous, and to compare me (again) to Karl Rove as if I am some stealth political operative says to me that you’re perspective on things has been clouded by too many years spent in the political fray. It is not my intent in anything that I write to do anything but state my opinion, and in my opinion, the current state that we find ourselves in as a nation is in part due to the way this country has been led over the last several decades, and that includes the Clinton years. I have in no way implied that Hillary is “cozying” up to the Republican Party – you drew that conclusion on your own.

And even if Hillary Clinton and President Bush are playing dress up or footsie together behind closed doors…is that a strong and sensible reason to vote for Obama?  What in the world does that have to do with health care, or the WAR for Goodness Sakes??? People are dying!

Even worse, you ask whether our nation is in jeopardy of being hijacked by a political aristocracy!!!!!! Rule by the aristocracy didn’t  begin with George H. W. Bush.

Forget that Washington and Jefferson were Vice-President and President 20 years, have you NOT noticed in your entire life, or any history books that there have almost always been wealthy or educated families leading our nation (Roosevelts, Adams, Kennedy’s)?  Have you not noticed that if they were not wealthy as children, they almost always were legally or militarily trained before becoming President, to better interpret and enforce our nation’s laws(Lincoln, Clinton, Eisenhower, Jackson)? 

Read the Federalist Papers!  Rule by a talented and able few has always been the plan. There was much debate from the founders of the nation as to how to create a nation that was not a kingdom. 

Anyway, the word “Aristocracy” comes from Aristotle (see Poetics, Politics). In other words, the aristocracy wasn’t invented by George W. Bush but it is a very old idea that those who are best educated and most wise govern  the common populace. 

[PAS] The problem is not that we are being ruled by wealthy and educated families, the problem is that we have been ruled for almost the last thirty years by the same TWO wealthy and educated families! Do your homework! The foothold these two families has had on the office of the Presidency is UNHEARD OF in HISTORY! The only thing that even comes close is the father-son presidencies of John Adams and John Quincy Adams (24 years apart), and the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt (fifth cousins) which were also separated by 25 years!

Also – let’s face it – in terms of their political agendas, there is not a whole lot of difference between any of the Democractic field – so in the end, it comes down to who has the best vision for the country, and who has the best record of displaying good judgment in the face of things like 9/11 and the Iraq War. Hillary loses on both points – Senator Obama wins. It also comes down to who can best work to make the changes that you yourself have pointed out are so desperately needed – again, Senator Obama has a proven record of being able to reach across the aisle to work with legislators and get things done. Hillary’s most infamous attempt at a national initiative (Healthcare Reform) failed in defeat because of she and Bill Clinton’s inability to compromise. This is a matter of record. Look it up.

Also – at no time WHATSOEVER did I say that the aristocracy was created by George W. Bush. Your comments are beginning to border on hysterics – we would have a much more meaningful dialogue about this if you could resist the urge to mis-interpret my statements and put words in my mouth!

Still, despite your wonderful imagination,any friendship between Hillary & Bush has nothing to do with Barack Obama and really is insulting to all the hard work he has put forth to present Democratic ideas that might help our country through this challenging time. This aristocracy…this democracy, this Republic, you besmirch …………not a dictatorship, not the communist party, not an oligarchy…. allows a talented few, even if poor …. rise up through hard work, education and talent to leadership. 

King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette who you patterned George Bush and Hillary after were not examples of aristocracy……………………………… but rather a MONARCHY.

While the dictionary provides various connotations of the word Aristocracy, please look at one of the definitions you provided.

4. a governing body composed of those considered to be the best or most able people in the state.

Despite that he is not from the Bush or Clinton family, Mr. Obama, an attorney of humble beginnings, certainly seems to have grown up to become one of the best and most able.  So is Mr. Edwards, who wasn’t rich, but did gain legal training to govern our society with just laws.  So is Bill Richardson, another legally trained Democrat who hardly grew up wealthy. 

Listen to their ideas!!!!!

Listen to their ideas!!!!!

[PAS] Again – more hysterics. Spreading the word about Senator Obama’s ideas are what Black Woman For Obama is and has always been about from the beginning. Your rash judgment of this one blog entry shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ve not read anything else I’ve written, which is not a crime, but should be taken into consideration if you’re going to cast aspersions on my writing and opinions.  And the imagination thing? That’s the picture I chose for the article driving you crazy I guess, because I never ONCE mentioned that Hillary and George Bush were friends, or playing “footsie” as you put it.  The picture is merely a caricaturization meant to illustrate the point of the article, which is the danger of our political process being taken over by a new age aristocracy. Again, If you’d seen or read any of my past blogs, you’d likely be a little less distressed over this one.

See why it is that they have risen to leadership from their humble beginnings. Learn what your candidate wants to do.  Autoworkers are striking.  Soldiers are dying.  Cancer victims have no health care.  Children are starving in this country.  Veterans have to wait to get medical treatment. Katrina victims are still displaced. 

Please do not insult all of these issues or me with trivialities! 

Tell us something and inspire us why Barack Obama will fix the issues at hand.  This election is too important for a Democrat to talk nonsense.  Yes, the last one was important but this may be the last opportunity to steer the train away from the cliff.

[PAS] Again – it has practically become my life’s work of late to tell people what Senator Obama can and will do to fix the many issues at hand. I’ve walked the streets of South Carolina in the blinding heat, going from house to house speaking directly with Hillary supporters, Obama supporters, and people who don’t know WHO they support to understand their very personal concerns and to talk to them about how Senator Obama will address them. Have you canvassed for Hillary? Made any calls? Even licked a stamp? I HAVE to know everything about Senator Obama’s message, because I’m committed like you wouldn’t BELIEVE to seeing him get elected. If you’re insulted by this blog entry, I encourage you to read some of the others – like “Ipods & Sneakers: The Miseducation of Oprah Winfrey”. Or, “Jesse Jackson’s Jaw Jappin'”, or “In Defense of Bill O’Reilly”. I will always, ALWAYS tell it like I see it, even if my opinion isn’t popular – if you don’t agree, that is your perogative. If you’re insulted, that’s your problem.

There is nothing trivial about my take on the issues, and certainly nothing trivial about the idea that we’ve become a society of voters that are too lazy to drill down into the issues to understand them, or the candidates. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t believe that there are lots and lots of people out there who will cast a vote for Hillary Clinton simply because of her association with her husband – it is THOSE people that BWFO seek out and want to educate. Quite frankly, you are not our target demographic – you’re not an Obama supporter, and that’s your right, but I’ve made it my business to find those people who don’t know that there is a better alternative out there and educate them. I encourage you to use whatever forum you have at your disposal to do the same, because after all, this is America, and you can do that. In the meantime, please keep reading my blog entries and voicing your opinion. Without this kind of dialog, it’s very difficult to get to the truth of a matter, and if YOU jumped to ridiculously erroneous conclusions after reading “Democracy to Aristocracy”, others may have as well.

Thanks for helping me set the record straight, and I’m sure I can look forward to your response 🙂


Patricia Wilson-Smith

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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2 Responses to Commas for Obama – “We Pause for Thought”

  1. Hey Obama should wear the flag pin!

    As he pauses for thought about the Americans that have dies for that flag!

  2. lapel pins says:

    Indeed, he should be wearing a flag pin. I wear one and I’m not even American. If you live in this country, and you don’t want to go back to your own country, wear a flag pin.

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