An Open Letter to Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd

The following is an open letter to Maureen Dowd, columnist for the New York Times.  Ms. Dowd is a little confused about the strength that lies within our favorite candidate.  Minnie Tyran, and Obama supporter, sets the record straight.

Maureen, I used to enjoy reading your columns, but lately I’m disturbed to discover that you are doing the country a grave disservice with your wrongful portrayal of Barack Obama (in several recent articles) as weak and afraid of Hillary Clinton. Apparently, you, like so many other Americans, have succumbed to the idea that never-ending war, dishonest representatives and poisonous politics are necessary facts of life in America, and always will be.

You seem to have totally lost touch with the idea that some people in this country are still decent, honest and smart, even though soft-spoken. Barack Obama does not need to prove that he’s smarter and tougher than Hillary Clinton by tossing around ugly barbs and taking negative jabs at her and her politics; nor does he need to compete with her willingness to lie, steal and manipulate the truth in order to appear to be something that he’s not.

He is what he is, and that is, fortunately, a whole lot better than what Clinton is pretending to be – he is smart, he is honest, he is thoughtful, and he is in touch with the humanity of America. Sadly, Hillary Clinton is none of these (except smart, perhaps), but she has a great machine that works around the clock to come up with ways for her to pretend that she’s everything to every single person in America. Nothing real can be everything to everybody, except God. Where does that leave Hillary?

I think it leaves her in a very sad place – one where not only does she not seem to know who she really is, but – more to the point – America has no way of knowing who she is and what she really stands for. She keeps changing her positions, her looks, even her laugh, every day. Anybody voting for Hillary Clinton will be voting for a conglomerate of corporations masquerading as a woman (as I believe Ralph Nader once similarly described George Bush when he first ran for the office of president. I think it’s safe to say that time has proven that Nader was right).

Barack Obama has nothing to hide; he says what’s on his mind, and he says what he means. The fact that he doesn’t believe in political back-biting and tearing down opponents to try to win an election does not make him weak (except in the minds of those in today’s warped world which have succumbed to the thought that perpetual negativity is all there is, there is nothing else).

Barack, the man, is smart, and he genuinely understands the people who make up the nucleus of America; he wants to reach out to people, not just in this country, but people all around the world — including those leaders of countries that this current administration (and Hillary Clinton) have deemed too low with which to bother speaking unless they meet “our” terms. How will we ever achieve peace if we don’t reach out to one another without angling for a position of false superiority?  There is no way.

Obama believes that peace is possible and achievable. Too many in America seem to have stopped believing in the phenomenon of peace; based on the behavior of our current leaders, and some of those aspiring to become our leaders, America has come to believe that conflicts between peoples of different countries must continue; that this is an inevitable way of life for the world. Obama dares to believe otherwise; he has a plan, a vision of world peace that is possible to bring into fruition. He’s not interested in destroying someone else’s fabricated picture of herself. He’s not in the habit of being deceitful. He believes that thinking people are capable of seeing him for who he is and what his message is, and seeing Hillary Clinton as she is, and then making a decision to choose what’s real.

You probably think this is a polly-anna-ish view of the world, and that it’s naïve to believe that an important election can be won on nothing but the truth; but there are enough of us who know that there is a way to live in this world without war and strife and lies and negativity; some of us still believe in the audacity of hope.

For these reasons, I wish you would refrain from painting Obama as weak and afraid, “wary of Hilary Clinton when he’s on stage with her.” Your perception of Barack Obama is totally off base; nothing could be farther from the truth.

Minnie Tyran
Atlanta, GA

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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