Obama Video of the Day – 8/28/2007

Today’s video of the day is extraordinary!

Today’s video comes from YouTube and features none other than Michelle Obama, speaking to an enthusiastic group of women in what appears to be a store-front church in Harlem:

This video is FABULOUS, and was provide by the talented AkinScribe5, a YouTube favorite. In this video, Michelle tells the audience that “she is married to THE ANSWER”, over the classic rendition of “Drop Me Off in Harlem”, by Ella Fitzgerald. It gave me goose bumps – this video shows Michelle Obama as the strong, black, articulate, independent woman that she is.

These days, the question of ‘what kind of first lady will [insert a name here] make?’ is almost as important as the presidential version of the same. Michelle Obama is a force in her own right, and yet she is comfortable and brilliant at being the supporting wife, mother, and backbone of her family. The sacrifice she has made to offer up her husband to our nation as “THE ANSWER” to so many of its ills is as great a sacrifice as the one Barack Obama himself has made. Maybe even greater.

She is the very picture of courage and bravery; no doubt she’s had moments before and since her husband began his run for the White House where she had to wonder whether or not she would have to worry about the sick intentions of the crazed whackos out there that would do her husband harm just for being a black man who would dare to run for the highest office in the land – there’s no doubt about that. And yet the ferocity with which she speaks to these women in this video shows that despite her fears, or any apprehension she may have had, she believes enough in the greater good of an Obama presidency to lay it all down – her dreams for her family’s future, her fears, all of it, to stand by her husband as he goes about his work.

For that alone, she is my hero. Thank you AkinScribe5 for this fabulous video, and for the glimpse at the next First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama!

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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