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IS America Ready for a Black President?

  By Patricia Wilson-Smith  I recently called a friend of mine who is a seasoned Washington dweller to tell her of my excitement over my decision to actively campaign for Barack Obama. Somehow, I was sure she would immediately share my … Continue reading

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The “You Tube Debate”: The Ecology of Technology

By Patricia Wilson-Smith  Recently, on the ground-breaking “You Tube Debate” broadcast on CNN, America got the opportunity to see what those of us at have seen all along – Senator Barack Obama as the strong, defiant, and principled leader, standing … Continue reading

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Sex Education for Kindergartners?

By Patricia Wilson-Smith  In a move representative of the “more of the same” politics we’ve come to expect from the fledgling 2008 Presidential race,  the Governor of Massachussetts and Republican candidate Mitt Romney took aim at Senator Obama this weekend over remarks he made regarding sex education for young children … Continue reading

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Uno, Anyone?

Senator Obama, Michelle, and the kids took an RV trip through Iowa on July 4th. Here they are playing every kid’s favorite card game, Uno. Accusations of foul play abound. (Source: This video was beautiful, simply beautiful. What it … Continue reading

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