For the last almost twenty years…


For the last almost twenty years, there has been someone in office either named ‘Clinton’ or ‘Bush’:

2000-present: George W. Bush

1992-2000    :  William J. Clinton

1988-1992    : George H.W. Bush

Enough is enough. I am personally a real admirer of Hillary Clinton’s, but it is obvious that we need a new direction in this country, and that direction needs to be charted by someone who is not so deeply engrained in the “politics as usual” conundrum we’ve been mired in for the last twenty years that they can’t affect real change. And real change is needed.

This nation has seen prosperity over the last twenty years, and endured unspeakable tragedy. We have waded through scandal after scandal, some real, some imaginary, and some just plain stupid. We spent countless millions of dollars and only God knows how much airtime, energy, and hits to our global reputation on what amounted to one man’s inability to be faithful to his wife, only to be treated to revelation after revelation of similar dalliances and scandals coming from the opposing party that put us all through it in the first place.

We’ve been pushed into a war that from the beginning strained credulity, only to have our reasons for being in that war morph into something that is hardly recognizable from the original justifications given by the Bush Administration; while Osama Bin Laden remains at large, and terror cells in the United States continue to sprout, plot and plan.

We have an education system that is failing us, a healthcare system that more and more leaves hard-working Americans in a lurch, and a shameful record of dealing with poverty and homelessness that defies description. It’s time for change in America, and we won’t get it without a fresh perspective and new ideas. Enter Barack Obama.

But what of Barack Obama’s inexperience, you say? He’s never had to lead us through an international incident, he has no real foreign policy experience, you say? This is the most popular argument from those who oppose Obama’s candidacy – I listen to the Right, and to other candidates, the political talk-boxes, the hot mamas on Fox News that double as reporters, and I shake my head in frustration. The fact of the matter is, some of the greatest presidents in our history have been unproven, but were successful, even remarkaby so because they had the right ideas about where the nation was at the time, and the direction the nation needed to go in. Upon close examination, Barack Obama wins again and again in the arena of ideas, and his strong stance on the recent war funding vote means he is capabale of standing on principle, even when his stance is not a popular one.

Let’s show the world that we really are much better than what we have become; I believe that it’s time to show our global partners that we will not be defined by the Don Imus’ of the world, or by our failed Iraq policy, not even by our obsession with the salacious – it’s time for the hard-working, kind, generous nation of free people to take back control – let’s dispense with politics as usual and put a man in the White House who can represent us all, and do it well.  It’s time to de-Clinton, and de-Bush our nation. Barack Obama for President in 2008!

About Patricia Wilson-Smith

Patricia Wilson-Smith is a freelance writer and author of the romantic comedy "Duped By Love". She is a regular contributor to She Unlimited Magazine, and covers special events as a special on-air correspondent.
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